A Mechanical Jack who Fuses Flesh and Steel.



Speed defense
Hedge magic
ID & ken Numenera
Sense Numenera

Unnerving -1 Charm, Persuasion, deception.

Special healing: the last 5 points of damage must be healed by repair.

Minor effect: +1 on repetitive tasks.
Major effect: My nanos make an immediate attack of 4 dmg.

+1 Armor
+3 Might
+3 Speed


I awoke, several years ago, in a greasy hotel in the slums of Uxphon. My left arm and right leg were no longer flesh but some mixture of biology and mechanics. Not understanding how I knew that and knew nothing before waking up confused me.
No clues were to be found in the room, the desk clerk told me the room was registered to A Badin. Leaving the Hotel I found myself surrounded by a cloud of what I thought were gnats but soon learned they are a part of me, the nanos give me power.
Since then, the School of Hard Knocks has taught me many things. I am wary of people, places and things, but my curiosity to find out who I was and what my intended use is keeps moving me forward. I can find and identify and use many Numenera and artifacts, searching for them constantly. I have learned to heal myself and sometimes others. I can open most locks or make them not work. I learned how to survive.
Traveling the Wandering Way, meeting people is a good part of life. This group, some known some unknown, seem to be headed the same way and eagerly shared food to give us all some variety – they will help me find answers to my past and my future.
I am Abadin.


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